Surveillance and Technical Surveillance

Surveillance and Technical Surveillance


3rg operatives utilise their UK Special Forces background and experience of conducting commercial surveillance operations to produce imagery, evidence and highly accurate information on behalf of a range of clients.

These results are achieved through the combined employment of traditional on-the-ground surveillance techniques and the use of the very latest technologies.

This range of 3rg’s services is provided on behalf of Insurance companies, Local Government and Corporate Clients assisting in the resolution and settlement of cases including:

  • Defendant Personal Injury Claims
  • Spurious Insurance Claims
  • Intellectual Property Fraud
  • Generalised Criminal Activity and Theft

In order to resolve these cases 3rg is able to provide the following services:

  • Covert Surveillance – Physical/Technical
  • Tracking Devices and Systems
  • T.S.C.M – Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (Bug Sweeps)
  • Counter-Surveillance

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