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With increasing threats to shipping worldwide 3rg’s elite maritime security background in conducting counter-terrorism and anti-piracy operations allows ship owners and ship managers to mitigate the operational risks they face.

3rg services are focused in, but not limited to, the Indian Ocean, Red Sea and Gulf of Aden area with teams providing support from key strategic locations.

3rg maintains well tested and detailed standard operating procedures which are rigorously followed by all deployed Maritime Security Teams (MST’s). These are shared with the ship owner/ship operator/ship master to ensure 3rg’s operational procedures align with a Company’s operating practices and protocols.

All Privately Contracted Armed Security Personnel (PCASP) employed by 3rg in anti-piracy duties are not only of the highest professional standard with significant maritime security experience, but are also stringently vetted to ensure that they are suitable for a commercial shipping environment.

Through detailed planning and preparation we aim to reduce the risk of an attack occurring from the outset. This is achieved through our MST’s who deploy worldwide in support of clients to implement a range of pre-transit anti-piracy preparations and anti-boarding techniques.

3rg Anti-Piracy services include:

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