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Before any recommendations can be made for the implementation of a security strategy it is crucial that a Security Assessment be conducted to establish which areas require focus.

3rg’s security assessments cover key business premises and core company assets, highlighting any weaknesses in current physical and technical protection measures in order that subsequent solutions can be identified.


We provide comprehensive advice to mitigate operational risk to assets in all areas of the globe. Included in this is enabling clients with business interests in hostile environments, such as Iraq or Afghanistan, to either establish their name or to continue to conduct their core business commitments.

3rg is a forward thinking company, providing innovative and cutting edge solutions tailored to clients’ specific needs.

Our surveys and security implementation services include:

  •     Assessment of the security of existing organisational assets, including corporate headquarters and key operational centres.
  •     Penetration testing of systems and procedures.
  •     Identification of appropriate physical locations for office and residential premises.
  •     Detailed guidance on appropriate technical security measures to employ.
  •     Detailed guidance and support of physical security measures to employ.

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