Crisis Management

Crisis Management


The risks and threats to your organisation are constantly evolving. Do you have effective strategies in place to deal with them?

Crisis Management is becoming increasingly important for businesses and individuals who are active in potentially security compromising situations.

Detailed consideration of how an organisation will respond to the compromised security of personnel, assets and data must be at the forefront of the mind if the company is to facilitate mitigation of further risk and minimise financial or reputational damage.

3rg is ready to deal with all potential crisis situations. From acts of criminal activity to major terrorist attacks we will support your entire operation from pre-deployment, on-the-ground reconnaissance, emergency responses and contingency planning up to and including complete evacuation from a country if necessary.

Our consultants will undertake a comprehensive and independent review of your security policies, structures and processes to ensure they are effective in dealing with risks relative to your operations.

 3rg Approach to Crisis Management

First and foremost 3rg has an extensive understanding of hazardous trouble-spots around the globe allowing unique insight which helps us to provide clients with a tailored comprehensive crisis management strategy. We have many alliances with a network of resources and security experts in many territories which makes us privy to unrivalled and detailed local and international intelligence.

So, good Crisis Management is about detailed research, planning and forecasting possible outcomes utilising informed judgment based on extensive experience and assessment of facts.

Not all disasters can be avoided, but the impact of disasters can be minimised in every case.

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