Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility


In today’s globalised world, companies conducting large scale projects are inevitably subject to legal and reputational risks. Human Rights related liabilities ranging from lawsuits to campaigns by external stakeholders are increasingly prevalent and problematic for multinational investors.

For our clients managing potential exposure to community related risk, especially in countries that are often associated with conflict or alleged abuses is of paramount importance and in many cases is the cornerstone of the viability and sustainability of any projects they undertake.

Pro-active management of associated human rights related issues with such business ventures is an important commercial strategy and in many cases a critical factor in the conduct of effective business security.

3rg adopt a holistic view to their risk mitigation services taking into account political, economic, law enforcement, military and social situations. We provide security and human rights focused interactive training, field-based security analysis, and tailored reporting and monitoring delivered in line with recognised international standards.

Committing to multi-stakeholder and community engagements to better understand root causes of conflict and possible solutions allows us not only to protect assets, people and reputations, but also to help our clients conduct business security operations in a socially responsible way.

With our team of security analysts and experienced human rights experts we are uniquely positioned to help you integrate human rights into your core business security strategy. Our hands-on work—from boardroom policy and procedure development to engaging local communities across the globe—will help you tackle issues wherever you may operate.

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