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Due to an ever changing world, Close Protection is no longer solely the requirement of the VIP.

Companies understand that they have a duty of care to employees that includes their overall safety. 3rg can assist in this area providing 24 hour security for personnel – whether it is the oil worker in Nigeria, the media representative in Iraq or the telecommunications engineer in Afghanistan – 3rg implement security measures which allow clients to continue to focus on their ‘core’ business and not concerns in regard to their personal safety.

Our Experience – Haiti

During February / March 2004 two security consultants from 3rg where tasked to accompany 10 media personnel who were established in and attempting to continue to report from the republic of Haiti.

Haiti itself was in a state of major political unrest. To the North of the country a rebel group had formed and threatened to sweep South taking power of the country, finally taking control of the capital – Port Au Prince.

The 3rg consultants were immediately deployed to Haiti and on arrival in Port Au Prince quickly established priorities for the team’s security. These included:

  •     Briefing of media personnel in regard to the current threat situation
  •     Establish immediate action plans in case of compromise of the hotel residence
  •     Devise deliberate plans to include country evacuation (all flights had been cancelled)
  •     Liaise with other security personnel to ensure 24 hour coverage of security at the team headquarters
  •     Provide close protection to the correspondents / camera teams whilst on location.

Threats did in fact materialise, with the film crew finding themselves in close proximity to armed conflict between local militia groups.

In a complex situation the 3rg consultants extricated the media personnel from immediate danger, overcame an intricate layout of temporary road blocks and returned all personnel to a protected base location.

The task overall was conducted with the highest level of professionalism, while maintaining an excellent working relationship with the media staff, allowing all of them to safely continue with their reporting role and return home without incident.

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