HECPO - Hostile Environment Close Protection Course




HECPO Course Overview

The Hostile Environment Close Protection Operators (HECPO) module is an integral part of training during 3rg’s full Close Protection course. This part of training can however be taken as a stand-alone module for those students who have already completed previous Close Protection training, where detailed instruction relating to the role in hostile environments has not been sufficiently covered.

The module will teach the fundamental aspects of providing Close Protection services in challenging environments built upon the expected knowledge and operational standards required by industry providers.

Why choose Training with 3rg?

“3rg’s aim is to raise the standard of traditional Close Protection training to the next level” 3rg instructors have over 25 years of Close Protection training & operational experience, within both the military and commercial sector. After conducting high threat Close Protection duties during service in the UKSF, it is the 3rg team’s experience and expertise of operating on behalf of Private Security Companies (PSC’s) in hostile regions, which has allowed 3rg to develop this specific training module.

On completion of the module attendees will receive 3rg HECPO Certification and be in a position to seek employment with PSC’s operating in challenging theatres.


Awarding bodies and the SIA do not formally accredit Hostile Environment specific Close Protection training. The real recognition for students however, of having conducted this element of training when seeking employment with PSC’s, will be the level of training and instruction they have received and the background and experience of chosen training providers.

Module details/Structure

The module is structured into theory and practical training, with the first day focused on the knowledge base required to operate safely and effectively in hostile environments. This instruction includes key information CP Operators should be advising their clients of while living and working in these regions. The module second day is all about the practical application of emergency drills and what is expected of the team members as part of a hostile environment Protection Security Detail (PSD).

Future Prospects

3rg cannot guarantee future employment but with our strong industry links we are in a position to refer suitable candidates to a number of leading private security providers.

Note: Students must be in possession of a Level 3 Certification in Close Protection by a recognised awarding body to attend the course together with Formal Firearms training.

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