STCW95 COURSE (5 Day Course)  £699 inc lunch


STCW95 Course Overview

The 5 day course is held at our partner provider in Southampton, Hampshire and includes lunch. Basic shared accommodation is available upon request @ £20 per night.

Additional optional STCW Training; PSA – Proficiency in Security Awareness module. A security course for all members of ship’s crews who do not have designated security duties on-board & for those who wish to work at sea. This includes pursers, waiters, entertainment staff, cooks, stewards, hairdressers, nail technicians and receptionists, massage and beauty therapists, fitness instructors, dancers, physicians, acupuncturists, etc. An additional course fee to the STCW Basic Safety Week applies for the PSA – currently £15. However if you take our MSO course there if no need for the PSA, as the PDSD certificate included in our MSO covers over and above the PSA.

3rg’s expertise

3RG offer the 4 training modules from the STCW Basic Safety Training Qualification. The Standard of Training, Certification and Watch keeping (STCW) code requires all seafarers to receive familiarisation and basic safety training or instruction in accordance with section A-VI/1.

You will be made aware of safety procedures, the safety equipment available, employment conditions and the working environment on board a merchant vessel. This is essential information that will keep yourself, your crew members and passengers safe.


Candidate must be at least 16 years of age. You will need to provide a copy of photographic identification with your booking form and bring the original along on the day.

The photographic identification can be either a; Discharge Book or Passport and all Merchant Navy personnel (which includes pre-Merchant Navy Students) must hold a valid ENG1 Medical Certificate.

Please note that there are practical elements on certain training modules that contain some physically demanding exercises.

Any candidate unsure of their health and fitness as to their ability to participate in such activities should consult their doctor.


To work on vessels over 24m, commercial vessels, super yachts, private yacht charter etc. Before being assigned shipboard duties, all persons employed or engaged on a seagoing ship other than passengers are required to undertake approved familiarisation training in personal survival techniques. If assigned designated safety or pollution prevention duties in the operation of the ship, persons must successfully complete those elements of approved basic training, appropriate to their duties and functions.

The 4 STCW Basic Training modules are:

o Personal Survival Techniques
o Elementary First Aid
o Personal Safety and Social Responsibility
o Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting
o Proficiency in Security Awareness

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