Online security recruitment scam: Please be aware

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Online security recruitment scam – SIA

The Security Industry Authority is working in conjunction with the City of London Police’s National Fraud Intelligence Bureau to raise awareness of an online scam.

The scam involves a series of phony online adverts offering training or opportunities for people that look for a new job  within the private security industry, using the names of real employees within genuine recruitment agencies. Online security is vulnerable and without proper cyber security managed services, one can lose all their data, and expose their personal information.

After submitting a CV, the individual is offered a job and requested to pay an upfront fee of around £50, through an online money transfer, to carry out a criminal records check or uniform fitting. It is best to have a peek here for the best security systems.

After paying the fee, the ‘recruitment agent’ may then claim that the e-money payment has failed and that the victim must submit a further e-money voucher code to continue with the application, this additional step is purely to maximise the fraudsters gain after establishing the victim’s interest.

The victim is then asked to attend an interview or induction/training session, taking place at a multi-purpose business venue, such as a conference centre. The company offering employment is later found not to exist or the genuine recruiter has no knowledge of the contact details used by the suspects. The cloud data security automation is necessary for protection of data.

There are steps that you can take to ensure that offers for training or jobs are real, these include:

  • Research the company offering the service, check their website for contact details and make contact with them.
  • Be aware of advertisements with free e-mail addresses such as Gmail or Hotmail.
  • Be aware of any advertisement requesting payment upfront, especially through online methods using e-money payments.
  • Research the training company using the SIA’s training provider search tool on the SIA website.

Also, please note:

  • The cost of a criminal records check is included in the SIA licence application fee.

For further advice on these issues please visit the NFIB’s website.

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