Close Protection, MARSEC – How are you finding work in the Private Security Sector?

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Close Protection, MARSEC – How are you finding work in the Private Security Sector?

The Rumour Mill!!

Working as a Close Protection Operative, on board during a Maritime Security Task, Working in Hostile Environments, MARSEC – What are your thoughts or experiences?

We have all been subject to it or even perhaps part of it, the rumour mill concerning the state of the private security industry and gaining employment within it. Doom and Gloom or an active fulfilling industry to be a part of? As with all areas of life individual perceptions will differ and can be polar opposite between two people aiming to earn a living in the same area.

The Private Security Industry has boomed due to supply and demand – Iraq, Afghanistan, Somali Pirates have all had their affect. Private Security Companies (PSC’s) have grown exponentially along with the associated regulation and training demands which are as much part and parcel of the private security industry as any other industry.

In 3rg’s promotion of its portfolio of training courses at various service leaver events the same questions/views keep coming up from people who are naturally quite anxious about the prospect of leaving what was a guaranteed job (before government cutbacks!!).

Questions like:

Will I gain work? Are these courses the right ones for me? How do I get on the books of a Private Security Company? Why do I have to do so many courses?

Or statements they pass on from ex colleague in the sector:

There is no work……. Maritime Security is over……. The market is flooded……….

We are keen to know your views or experiences, which will be invaluable to pass on at the many service leaver events we attend and may help others looking to work in the industry!!

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