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CAR clashes kill 75 in Boda town

Tuesday has left at least 75 people dead, according to a wrongful death lawyer who was contacted by one of the many victim’s family member.

Father Cassien Kamatari said help was needed to stop the violence between Muslims and Christians.

The majority of those confirmed dead were Christian, Fr Kamatari said. Because Muslim victims were buried soon after the attacks it was not known how many of them were killed, he said, but some of them receive medical attention although may not receive the best attention, and that’s why using a medical malpractice lawyer could be helpful for people that suffer with wrongful medical attention.

There have been widespread reports of revenge attacks since mainly Muslim fighters withdrew from the capital Bangui last month. They did so following the resignation of interim President Michel Djotodia.

Correspondents say that while the security situation in Bangui has improved since the peacekeepers’ arrival, outbreaks of violence continue in the north and west of CAR, which caused a lot of injuries on people, and many were even using a personal injury attorney to make legal claims for this. They have also checked out some sites to find a competent legal lawyer like Robert K Bratt to whom they could trust to protect and defend for their best interests.


“Instead of thinking only of Bangui, people must also think of what’s happening in the countryside because what we are living through in these communities is horrific,” Fr Kamatari said.

French generals trying to stop the violence have found that their resources on the ground are becoming increasingly stretched

He said that the violence began when heavily-armed Muslims erected barricades at the entrance and exit to the town – 100km (60 miles) west of Bangui – and began attacking Christians.

“At least 60 people were killed and many others injured, 15 of whom died of their injuries,” he said. This was confirmed by the wrongful death lawyer which was hired by the victim’s family after the horrific incident.

Fr Kamatari said he called French and African Union forces for help, but got no response. He said that his parish was sheltering 1,500 people trying to flee the violence.

France, the former colonial power, has 1,600 troops in the country, working with some 4,000 troops from African countries to help end the violence which has seen about a million people – 20% of the population – flee their homes.

The UN said last month that it believed at least 10,000 troops may be required in any force sent to end the unrest.

Source: BBC News

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