Chadian Soldiers Kill 30 Civilians

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Chadian soldiers killed 30 civilians and seriously wounded more than 300 in an indiscriminate attack on a market on 29 March in Bangui, a spokesman for the UN human rights office said on Friday. Previously, local officials and aid workers had estimated around ten deaths and 30 wounded. Rupert Colville said a convoy of pick-up trucks from Chad’s regular army, not part of an AU peacekeeping force, entered the market in Bangui’s PK12 district and started firing. The attack appeared to have stopped when Congolese peacekeepers arrived on the scene, he said.

Source: Reuters

Chad is to pull its peacekeeping troops from an AU mission in the CAR in protest of allegations that they aided rebels. A statement from the Chadian foreign ministry said its troops had been criticised despite their sacrifices. Chad has contributed roughly 850 soldiers to a 6,000-strong contingent. Its forces have been accused of siding with Muslim rebels.

Source: BBC News Africa


Islamist militants have killed 15 civilians in an attempted suicide bomb attack on a state oil company facility. 17 civilians and five soldiers were also wounded by the blasts on Tuesday which also destroyed eight vehicles, Defense Ministry Spokesman Chris Olukolade said. Soldiers opened fired and demobilised three of the four vehicles before they could reach the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation facility. No group has yet claimed responsibility for the attack.

Source: Reuters

79 people are said to have been killed in northern Nigeria, in an attack blamed by police on gunmen from the Fulani community. The attack targeted a meeting of community leaders and vigilante groups in Zamfara state, a police spokesman said.

Source: BBC News Africa

Twenty-one people have been killed in an attempt to escape from detention at the headquarters of Nigeria’s secret police in Abuja. Police said the trouble started when a prisoner beat a guard with his handcuffs in an attempt to escape. It is unclear whether all of those killed during Sunday’s unrest are prisoners. A spokeswoman for the State Security Services,Marilyn Ogar, said two service personnel had been seriously injured in the incident. Presidential spokesman Reuben Abati described the incident as an “attempted jailbreak” in a post on Twitter.

Source: BBC News Asia


A second day of clashes between two tribes in southern Egypt has left a total of 23 people dead, officials say. The Egyptian military said that it had intervened to stop the fighting between the Arab Bani Hilal clan and a Nubian family. The violence started late on Friday after offensive graffiti was drawn on the walls of a local school, security officials said.

Source: BBC News Middle East

Media organisations are renewing a call for the release of three al-Jazeerajournalists who have been held for 100 days since being arrested in Egypt. The trio, including former BBC reporter Peter Greste, went on trial in February, accused of spreading false news and aiding a terrorist group. The three men share a cell in which they are confined for 23 hours a day. Relatives say they remain strong, but are being denied adequate access to their lawyers. On Monday, journalists launched a Twitter campaign posting images of themselves with black tape over their mouths at #freejournalism to highlight the increasing threat against reporters around the world.

Source: BBC News Middle East


Two UN workers have been shot dead in Somalia. They were shot inside Galkayo Airport after getting off a plane, local security official Mohamed Mire said. The attacker was dressed in a police uniform, an airport official added. The men were working for the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), the UN confirmed.

Source: BBC News Africa


Six people have been killed in explosions in Nairobi. Several people were wounded in the attack, which took place in the Eastleigh suburb of the city. More than 200 people were arrested in Eastleigh following the explosions, a police spokeswoman said.

Source: BBC News Africa


At least 36 civilians have been killed and 31 others injured in a rebel assault on Duk County in Jonglei State. County Commissioner Elijah Mochnom said the rebels, who had threatened to march on Bor after seizing the village, were now withdrawing. Rebel Spokesman Lul Ruai Koang had said his forces also killed more than 100 government troops, a claim the military has denied.

Source: Africa Review

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